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Holiday House Walk

I hope you guys are enjoying precious time with your family today and taking advantage of this special time. I wish you the merriest!


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The Christmas Mantel

I guess you've gathered by now I went a little brighter in the house this year...which I've loved. I really wanted longer and skinnier stockings for the mantel, but I ran out of time and ended up just buying these from Target. I'll shoot for those maybe next year...

I found this wooden star for a steal at Carolina Pottery...which turned out to be the perfect spot for those glittery globe lights I made a few weeks ago.

I ended up making 3 of those scrap fabric ornaments for the tree...but honestly, I'd love to have 10 more!

Happy Christmas, guys!

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The Foyer

Due to space, I don't always get out the Christmas village...

 However, this year I had a feeling it might be a hit.

and based on the number of casualties we've had so far...

I'd say it definitely has been.

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A Few of My Favorite Things...Party Features!

Thanks again for linking up to the 100 Ideas of Christmas Party, everyone! There were SOOOO many to choose from...I probably could have done 5 more posts just like this one.

The Ombre Wreath

The Pallet Manger

A bright and bold home tour

Popsicle stick snowflakes

Holiday mantel

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The Scrap Fabric Ornament

Remember those easy photo ornaments I threw together a few years back?
Well, those inspired these...

Surely you have a stash of fabric scraps and ribbon pieces somewhere...and these globes can be found just about anywhere right now...

I started by cutting and tearing up strips of fabric and ribbon. Mine were about 5 inches long, but the length will depend on the size of your globes.

Next, I cut a piece of picture wire about double the length of the top of the globe.

Then, I draped the cut scraps over my finger, strategically placing them so that the colors were spread out.

After I had gotten all the scraps on, I slid the wire underneath them...

so that the scraps were hanging from it.

Finally, I started pushing each piece into the hole being careful not to let go of the wire.

Once all the scraps were in, I bent the wire down over the sides of the globe and placed the metal hook back on top of the ornament.
(Note: If you aren't completely satisfied with the placement of the scraps, use something long and narrow to move them around a bit while they are still inside the globe. I used a shish kabob scewer.)

To put it all together, I tied one last scrap around the hook.

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DIY Paint Chip Paper Chain

You might remember the paper chain I have in the dining room this year...
Super easy.
Absolutely free.

I snagged up a bunch of paint chips from Walmart...

Cut them in half longways...

Folded in half...

and stapled them into a chain.

Happy Christmas!

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100 Ideas of Christmas FEATURE

Oh my.
How fabulous.
Bring on the pallets...

Check out more at Atkinson Drive.

Keep linking up, people! You still have 3 more days!!!!

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A Christmas Dining Room

I do love a colorful Christmas.
It wasn't quite as noticeable last year...or the year before...but I do love a colorful Christmas.

I changed it up and found a new spot for the paint chip garland I sewed a couple years back...which happened to be some of the same colors I used to make the paint chip paper chain hanging above the stockings. (More on that later.)

And, the whole set up turned out to be the perfect spot to highlight all the Christmas cards coming in.

P.S. Don't forget about the 100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful Link Party going on! You still have 5 more days to link up!

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Our Little, Rustic Christmas Porch

I'll assume you recognize this same monogram you've seen over and over again...
well, I thought I might try to stretch it into just one more post. 

It's still on the same old grapevine wreath you see here...
and, I don't know, for the life of me, why I never put this together before...but thank goodness it dawned on me to add my own tree trimmings to it...and save a few bucks making my own fresh wreath this year. It literally took 5 minutes. (Why, on earth, hadn't anyone said anything to me about this before?? Because, I'm sure you've all been doing it for years, haven't you?)

Turns out it was just what I needed to go with the other additions...

But, don't let this rustic look fool you, because the inside is far from it...

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