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A 21st Sports Party

While searching for new houses last week, we were lucky enough to get to stay over at Annie's where she was in the middle of throwing Grady's bro a 21st birthday party. Since he's been a sports fanatic his whole life (not to mention that he also plays college football), it was most fitting that the theme be focused on sports.

It was easy for her to put this together with all the memorabilia she's collected over the years...and believe me, there was a lot.

Looks like we'll be back at Annie's in the near future as we continue our house search...I wish house hunting could be can certainly be a frustrating process. But, I'll keep you posted.

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Gram's Tricycle Themed 1st Birthday

I do apologize for the delay...with the party and all the pictures to sort through (among other happenings that I'll get to later), it took me longer than I imagined to get this post out to you.

But, you'll be happy to know, Gram's party was a huge success! I couldn't have been more pleased with how it turned out! 
Bare with me, and I'll try to describe what was what... and what was where...

Honestly it's hard not to be all about pictures for a 1st birthday party. A few weeks ago I set Gram up next to the tricycle and snapped as many pictures as I could.  Out of the gazillion photos I took, I came out with about 10-15 super good shots.
This one I printed out and backed on foam board. It hung below a bunch of fabric strips on the front door.

That miniature tricycle you see is actually a Christmas ornament I found on eBay. Turns out it was a perfect cake topper. :)

I made the little cake banner with the same fabric scraps I used for the mantel...simply cut and glue.

I literally made that large-scale "gift tag" on a whim after doing the string lights in the kitchen. I cut out the shape on poster board, glued some scrap paper around the cut-out hole and decorated it with a gold paint pen.

The runner you see on the table is wrapping paper I found at Target...

which was the perfect backdrop for doodling Gram's age next to each picture.

You saw the chalkboard already...

but since then, it turned into a little message station where guests could write a sweet note to Gram... maybe my most favorite spot of the party.

If you were still wondering about the mantel, I wrapped the old $1 wheels in string lights and put up a few more tricycle pics of Gram to finish it off.

And lastly, the string lights in the kitchen...

I was thrilled to partner up with Tiny Prints for this party! Because, wouldn't you know it, they had the most perfect thank you cards to fit Gram's tricycle theme.

Click here to see more thank you cards from Tiny Prints.

It's still hard to imagine my sweet boy is already a year.  No doubt, the older you get, the faster this precious time flies by. I try so hard to suck it in and soak up the seconds, but somehow I can't ever get enough.

Nope. Never enough.

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Birthday String Lights

Ross helped me glitter-up a little sign for Gram's party...

I still can't believe it's this weekend...

and that he's somehow grown to be a whole year.

I'm still wondering where all those months went.

Also, congratulations, Alyssa & Alyson on winning the Pattern Pod giveaway!!!

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The Party Board

Keeping in line with the tricycle theme for Gram's party, a new phrase went up on the chalkboard this week...

You'd think all this party planning would help take my mind off the fact he's almost a year.
But, it certainly hasn't.
If this year went fast, I can't imagine how fast the next 5 or 10 or more will go....(sigh).

Sweet boy.

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Scrap Fabric & Ribbon Garland

Over the past few weeks I've been keeping an eye out for red fabric in the thrift stores. I was lucky enough to find 3 different pieces all for about 5 bucks.

I cut the fabric (and ribbon strips I already had from Christmas) and simply tied them on a strand of jute rope.

I hung it on the mantel using Command strips.

I'm not quite done with the mantel, but I guess you can gather where those old, rusty bike wheels are...

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The little trike that started it all...

I'll confess, I wasn't the lucky one that ran across this precious, little trike...
my sisiter-in-law Fleming did some time ago. 

It's been waiting for a place to be displayed...
or sat on, one.

To me, it was screaming FIRST BIRTHDAY! :)

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One year already?

I mentioned earlier that it was going to be a big year...
And though the first thing on the agenda may not seem big to anyone else, 
it surely is to me.
So, we've got a party to plan, people!

(P.S. I'll get to the even bigger plans on a later date...)

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A Glittery Glam Birthday

Our sweet, little precious niece turned ONE over the holiday...
It's just so hard to even fathom, considering her mama's baby shower felt like just yesterday...

Cullie had some of the most fabulous decorations! I just couldn't go without sharing.

Happy Birthday, sweet Rett! 
We love you!

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