Blog Post Trade-Off: Life in the Thrifty Lane

I am so very pleased to introduce to you Veronica from Life in the Thrifty Lane!  She is another thrifty blogger who I just adore!  

Hello, Life As A Thrifter readers! My name is Veronica, and I blog at Life In The Thrifty Lane. I'm so happy to be blogging here at Holly's blog today! As you can see from the names of our blogs, we have lots in common!!
Life In The Thrifty Lane is all about crafty posts, thrifty finds, easy recipes, couponing, giveaways and much more. Recently, I also opened an Etsy shop called Nikycole (named after my daughter's nickname) where I sell magnetic tie backs for curtains and hair accessories. I'm also adding cute little gifts for the Holidays!

Today, I want to share a project I made while I was getting ready for a craft show: clothespins with chalkboard sign! My intention was to use them as price signs but they can really be used in many other ways.
I used scrapping paper, Mod Podge and round wooden circles (you can find them at any craft shop) that I spray painted with Valspar chalkboard paint. 
And after the craft show I used them in many ways, like in my pantry . . .
. . . or as gift tags! The possibilities are endless. 
Thank you so much Holly for having me here today :)
Thanks, Veronica! If you want to see more of Veronica's projects, be sure to stop by Life in the Thrifty Lane!!

If you'd like to be considered for "The Blog Post Trade-Off," just send a quick e-mail!


  1. this is a genius idea! i love how it dresses anything up! great post i love both of your blogs ladies!

  2. Cute!! Love them!! and I have all the supplies to make them. Sounds like a crafty day for me!

    ~ Jayme


  3. Thanks Holly for having me today! And thanks ladies for the nice comments :)

  4. Cute little tags! Such a great idea :)

  5. pinned this with my farmers market ideas--thanks!

  6. I really love this idea! I was just searching around on Pinterest for Craft Show display ideas, and found this! thanks for sharing...too cute!

  7. I love this idea, especially since we are having a yard sale next weekend!!! Wooohooo!

  8. Great idea! I will use these at my craft table! And fun to make


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