Hanging Mason Jar Tutorial

I know, I know, there's a million "Hanging Mason Jar" tutorials out there . . . but what's a post without a tutorial! :)

I made a few of these as gifts this year, but I know I'll be making more in the future for myself. They're just too fun not to!

Here are your supplies.
(However, you probably don't need that much wire!
. . . surely Grady will need it for something . . .)

Start with about 2-3 feet of wire.

Go in about 8 inches or so and make a small loop with your pencil.
Wrap your wire around the bottom lip of the jar.
Then twist tightly with your pliers.
(I also came back and twisted the loop another time to really tighten it up.)

Lastly, bring the wire around, pull it through the loop
and twist it just like you did the other side.

A Hanging Mason Jar

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  1. Thanks so much, it looks like something I can do.


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