The Fall Porch

Well, I do apologize for being MIA this week...
but, if you're a mother...and you've ever been sick...well, then...you understand.

I will say, however, in between chasing children, wiping noses, and throwing together a couple Halloween costumes, I did finally manage to put the front porch together.
Weeellll...I SAY front porch. I guess I should actually call it a stoop.

Oh. And before we really get started, let me mention a little certain someone who couldn't keep his hands off during our small photography session...

You know me, I typically stick to natural. (I said typically.)
So, that's always easy in the fall, I feel like.

After I put out all the pumpkins...

I felt like the doors needed something.

So, I started unwinding jute (that I found at an old thrift store for a couple bucks) and hung it up.

After still feeling like it needed something...I added a few braids to pump it up a bit.

And, the leaves...hahaha. I mine as well work with 'em...because they seem to reappear every time I turn the other direction.

Of course, I haven't minded them too much...

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Just a splash of fall...

in the kitchen.

It occured to me that I failed to take any pics of the kitchen table.
Nothing much, by any means.
Just a splash.

and, quite frankly, just enough...with 2 wild ones running around...

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little bits of us... at the computer

Having a girl the first go-around never, not for one second, prepared me for a boy...

My first was timid in "dangerous" situations and was most often pretty compliant. I never had to worry about what she was climbing on or sticking in her mouth. 

No, she was too worried about what skirt she needed to put on or what bag she needed to fill.

This one, however, has much more of a carefree type attitude about things...where what he's wearing just so happens to be the least of his worries...

and the word "busy" is an understatement.

I'm learning, though...something I feel sure I'll be doing the rest of my life.

And well, you know...he's become a pretty darn fun teacher.

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Fall Porches (from the past)

I do miss our old, little porch. 
Fall was always my favorite time to decorate it.

We're in a completely different situation with our new house. In fact, I'll admit I haven't even started to decorate it...not even a mat.  It's definitely more of a challenge.
But, I've made that my mission this week...

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Remember those niches?

Well, when we last left the niches, I still had one unfinished. 
I had no intentions of styling them the same, so I wanted to wait it out and see what felt best there.

And well, you know I have a thing for hanging chairs...

Hahaha...well, to be exact, old chairs in general...

and it sure enough felt right.

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bits about us... at the pumpkin patch

I've gotten obsessed with pictures at the pumpkin patch. I missed it only one year since we've had kids, and I can't tell you how much I've regretted it.

My first couple of years, I wanted so much to have sweet, little posed pictures.
You know, the ones with clean faces and unstained clothes...

but these days, I'm happy just to get then in the same shot.

And you know...

that's pretty much okay.

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Our Fall Table

I've been wanting to do white pumpkins for such a long time...

In our old house it never fit just right, I don't think...

But here, I'm in love with them.

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