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If we were pumpkins...

...maybe we'd look a little something like this.

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Fall Dining Room

I brought the old candle sticks out for fall this year...along with a few pumpkins. And, of course a few fall photos of the kids for the cork board fit perfectly in the back. Honestly, it just doesn't take a whole heck of a lot to scream fall in our house with the all the orange scattered about!

Happy fall, y'all!

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Fall Tables (from the past)

Man. What a great trip! Now, I can appreciate wine even more than I had! :)

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I've been doing a bit here and there to spruce up our fall table. But, before that, I thought I'd share a few tables from our past. (Maybe you'll notice a common theme? I don't stray too far from nature in the fall. Why would you?)

 (check out the cake plate tutorial here.)

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Wednesday Redo: Fall Centerpiece

I love this simple centerpiece made from tree branches.
Check out the super easy tutorial over at Celebrations.

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Out in the foyer

A good reminder...for everyday.

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The Fall Mantel

I decided to keep the fence up for the fall. Although, right now it's kind of acting as a "gate"...

Get it?
:) Ross did.

I've had this washtub for months and months that I've been dying to use...
I'm happy to see it out.

How is your mantel coming along?
Comment your link! I'd love to stop by!

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Wednesday Redo: Sleeve Pumpkins

How sweet and simple.

Visit Kim at all things simple and make your own!

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Fall Mantels (from the past)

"Give Thanks" banner by done by my gals over at Uncommon.
More on the photo jars here.
DIY "Pumpkins in a Truck" art here.

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Fall Porch

I kept it pretty simple this year.
You know, I tend to like it that way...

Check out the monogram wreath tutorial here.

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Wednesday Redo: Fall Table Centerpiece

...Okay, maybe not a REdo. 
Maybe we should just call it a "Wednesday DO" today.
However, in my defense, it could easily be a REDO! 
Regardless, I love it!

Stop by Shanty 2 Chic and find out exactly how Whitney did it!

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Monogrammed Fall Wreath

Maybe you remember the monogrammed embriodery hoop I did several years ago... 
This year I thought it might be fun to change it up and use a wreath instead. So, I used my same burlap monogram from the embroidery hoop (find that tutorial here) and simply attached it to my wreath.

Because it was larger than my wreath (and also very discolored from the sun), I had to make it smaller.

I chose to pin it back rather than cut it, just in case I wanted to put it back in the embriodery hoop again at some point.

After it was pinned, I used a needle and thread and loosely sewed it all the way around the wreath. (I doubled up on the thread to make it thicker and stronger.)

What kind of fun new fall decorations have you made thus far??
Add a link! I'd love to check them out!

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Wednesday Redo: Twig Wreath

Now, here's a project you could probably make for FREE!

And, my guess is that your neighbor doesn't have it.
That's my kind of fall decor.

Check out exactly how Taryn did it at Design, Dining + Diapers.

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Fall Doors (from years past)

Still waiting on pumpkins over here. Hopefully this week...but in the meantime, here are a few fall doors from years past.

Got any fun ideas up your sleeve for your fall door this year?

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10 Thrift Finds to use in the FALL

You won't find a thrift shop without them. They're cheap and you'll be able to do a million and one things with them.

I've always loved how books allow you to display things at all different levels. They always seem to help you balance things out somehow.

This particular bowl might cost you, but it might just be worth it. Baskets are always plentiful at most stores, and I feel like they scream fall.

unknown source

Hello! These are free, people. Grab them up. Stain them...paint them...use them as is. You won't go wrong.

Wooden Crates:
It's hard to pass up a crate. 
There's not a whole lot you have to do to make a crate look good. They're simply born beautiful.

Another freebie, guys. They're everywhere in our yard. 
My husband would love it if you came to get some...

Old Jars:
I sure do love a jar. Honestly, I use them year round, but they're wonderful for sweet, little fall pictures, pinecones or pumpkins.

Old Windows:
It's amazing how an old $2 window can completely change the entire look of a simple, little wreath, or maybe a fun leaf swag or burlap bunting.

I had to. You know how I love them. I've lost track of how many I've bought at the thrift store...

Nick Nacks:
You truly never know what you might find in the thrift store. 
Glassware, wash tubs, lanterns, owls, even a pitchfork... It's all there somewhere. You just gotta take the time to hunt.

Happy hunting, guys!
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