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The Dollhouse

You've probably already gathered how ridiculously proud I am of Ross's little dollhouse. (I promise, this is my final post about it!) But, from what I hear, dollhouses are one of those things kids play with for years and years. In fact, my mother-in-law still owns hers...and Ross plays with it everytime we visit. I can only hope that's how it'll be with this one...
Regardless, it sure was fun to decorate! 

Check out all the details in these posts:

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Wednesday Redo: A Dollhouse Shelf

So, I'm on a dollhouse kick this week...
But, goodness. How can I not be...when this $1.50 thrift find...

later became a little girls dream!?!?!

Check out all of Jessica's details at Dear Emmeline.

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Dollhouse Details: DIY Wall Art

I know it's been quite some time since I last posted about the dollhouse...

but I realized I neglected to show you how incredibly easy creating your own art for those tiny, little walls was...

I found the frames- 3 for about 4 bucks at Hobby Lobby (in the dollhouse section). However, wallet-size picture frames from The Dollar Tree or Walmart work well too! 

Then, I printed out whatever phrases I wanted onto cardstock using Word. (And of course, you could do anything here.)

Next, I simply lined up a peice of tissue paper to the inside of the frame and traced the size of actual picture part.

I cut out the tissue paper and centered it on my words. Then, I traced the tissue paper right where I wanted it. That made it super easy to cut out the exact right size.

Finally, I sprayed the back with spray adhesive and attached it to the frame.

SO super easy.

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Dollhouse Details: Master Bedroom & Bath

I really loved this room! That wallpaper...well, I mean, scrapbook paper, really packed a punch, I thought! I painted a bit of the furniture and added a personalized frame and blanket.
(More on the frames soon...)

The bathroom, I have to admit, was mostly purchased. Hobby Lobby sells a set of all 3 pieces for about 20 bucks. I sucked it up and bought it. It had to be done.
The little rug you see is trim from some sewing scraps I had...and of course, more scrapbook paper on the walls.

See the whole dollhouse HERE.

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Dollhouse Details: Kid's Rooms

This might have been my most favorite part to decorate!

Ross's Room: same wooden furniture from the thrift stash, leftover Granny square bedspread, scrapbook paper walls...

...and a few miscellaneous wall hangings I found around the house, held in place by Command strips.

The Playroom: Wrapping paper wall, handmade bunting from scrapbook paper and thread, Granny square rug, and a few toys from an old "Frisher Price" dollhouse.

Gram's Room: Scrapbook paper wall, more wood furniture- painted (along with the "Fisher Price" stuff), another Granny square, a simple scabble tile (how fabulous that there just happens to be the number 2 on it as well!) and a customized frame for the wall.

Maybe you remember that quote...:)

...more on how I did that super easy frame soon...

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Dollhouse Details: The Kitchen

If you remember from the last post, most of the furniture in the dollhouse came from the thrift store...all of which looked similar to this...

In the kitchen, however, I decided to do a lot of redoing.
For the table I painted the legs white and simply mod podged scrapbook paper on the top.

I painted the kitchen sink, fridge and cabinet white with a black top (in the hopes of resembling a counter top). The chairs and china cabinet were painted aqua and distressed a bit.

The little plates, I bought from Hobby Lobby and outlined with a gold paint pen.
The letter "M" is a magnet I just happened to have.
And the wallpaper is actually wrapping paper from Target that I attached with spray adhesive. (Word to the wise, however; the thicker the paper, the easier the application!)

Check out the whole dollhouse HERE.

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Dollhouse Details: The Family Room

Let me just start by saying, you can so do this. 
Really. I told you before, the worst part was putting the house together...if you've spent anytime on Pinterest, then you already know the many other options you have out there...or, maybe you'll just be lucky enough to find one in the the thrift store!
So, let me break it down a bit...

...starting with the family room.
These were the bags of wooden furniture Fleming found for me months and months ago I'd been saving for this project. (And, that does read $3.00, by the way.)
Most of the house's furniture is from here.

I added a couple little pillows I made out of scrap fabric to the couch and chair and laid down one of those old granny squares from my unfinished afghan as a rug.

I used spray adhesive to adhere all the wallpaper.
In this room I used aqua scrapbook paper.
The silhouette you see was left over from Ross's 1st birthday party (almost two years ago) and the SC picture was simply traced then colored on scrapbook paper. I used Command strips to attach both.

The fireplace was also part of the wooden furniture pack that I simply painted white.
Hobby Lobby has a fair amount of accessories. I found the two little mirrors there for under 3 bucks.

I have to add, I found these at the flea market a few weeks ago...and was completely beside myself.
Daddy...Mama...Ross...and Gram.
You'd think it couldn't get anymore perfect...

...but then I ran across this pink bug at the thrift store not 1 week before Christmas...complete with babyseat.
(Can I also add, it was $.50?)

That's when I knew this dollhouse was truly meant to be.
Stay tuned for more...

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The Dollhouse

If you follow the Facebook page, then you may have seen this first pic several weeks ago...and I wish I could tell you it was way easier than it looks...but honestly, it wasn't. My first clues, of course; were the two different price tags hanging above it in Hobby Lobby...

 $99.00 in the box.
 $330.00 assembled.

I'll confess, it probably would have been worth every penny to be assembled.
But, we finally managed to pull it together by Christmas morn...

I'll be back with a few more details on this soon...

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