The 36th AVENUE

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  1. where did you find the hangers for the pictures in the laundry room? btw...your house...words can not express how talented you are. I am very envy of it. bravo...wish you could come to my house :/ queenbee1226@gmail.com

    1. You are very kind! Thank you.
      I found the hangers at a thrift store...a quarter a piece, I believe! :)

  2. Stephany K.6/20/12, 9:30 AM

    I admire you and I AM inspired, I myself am a thrifter first of all because I love it , I love to find different things at great prices and make them my own , and secondly because I am mommy to seven and it helps to find great deals! Your home is beautiful , it looks full of life but especially of LOVE !!

  3. The hangers are a super idea...
    Someone ask about the rod for your hangers...is that a curtain rod repurposed? Great upcycle


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