The $10 Curtain

I gotta tell you, I really had no idea how this was going to turn out... but now that it's all said and done, I love it.
Like, really love it.

But because, I wasn't all too sure about what in the world they would look like, I bought the curtains from IKEA.

This picture actually shows 4 panels (since 2 panels come in a pack), but I only used 2 panels for this project. Each package costs $10...that's $5 a panel. 
(Note: they are pretty stiff right out of the package, so I decided to wash them first. There's no doubt that loosened them up.)

The paint I used was new to me. It's a mulit-surface metallic paint, and it cost somewhere between 5-7 bucks from whatever craft store.

I didn't have a triangle stamp, so I made my own out of a foam sheet...by gluing several cut out triangles on top of one another.

Then I just stamped the curtain panels one at a time.
I knew there'd be no way to line every triangle up perfectly throughout the panel, so I intentionally stamped them randomly...as to make sure it didn't look like a perfect pattern.

Based on the size of Ross's room, I realized one panel per window was enough, so I tied them back with a piece of jute and a Command hook.

Crazy, they've only been up for 2 days now... but for some reason they feel as though they've always been there... like maybe her room is complete.

Could that mean it's time for the very first room tour in our new house...???

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