Freezer Paper Stencil

I don't know if you caught a glimpse of Ross' little party shirt or not . . .
but I was thrilled with how it turned out!!

Here's how you can do one, too!

This is what you'll need . . .

After you create your pattern, trace it on the freezer paper.

Cut it out with your X-acto knife . . .

and iron the stencil on your fabric (shiny side against the fabric).

Finally, you paint it!
(Don't forget to put something behind the shirt so it doesn't bleed through to the other side.)

This was the first time I'd ever attempted this project . . . and since I waited until the last second to do it, I just knew it would bleed through the edges and look hideous! However, much to my surprise, it turned out great!

You might just be seeing more of these around . . .

(I followed this tutorial online . . . it's a bit more detailed, if you're interested.)
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  1. love it... i see a few painted t-shirts in bailey's future :)


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