Lovely Laundry Rooms

I post this because, well . . . evidently, I've put off doing anything with my laundry room besides a coat of paint for 3 years now. This week I've been racking my brain with things to do in there.  While I was researching (i.e. pinning), I came across these beauties . . .

I wish I could say mine was just as beautiful and cozy looking as these. I might actually want to do laundry here . . .

okay, okay . . . I've gone too far, haven't I.
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  1. What pretty rooms! Mine is a scary corner of the basement. One day... :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping overat my blog. You deserve such sweet comments. You really do great work.

    By the way I'm in love with the 1st 2 laundry room. Maybe I would actually like doing laundry if I had a pretty room for it. ha. :)

  3. Beautiful photos, but my laundry room doesn't have that kind of space or light in it!

    I have yet to even paint it. So you are WAY ahead of me. :)


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