Blog Post Trade-Off: Rose is a Rose

I'm so excited to introduce you to Ellie from Rose is a Rose!!  She has some of the most super fun ideas!  I was enthralled with her simple way of adding a little extra storage space to her little boy's room.

Hi, I'm Ellie from Rose is a Rose Designs I live in Texas with my husband, 2 year old son and dog Holly.  I'm a stay at home mom, crafter, sewer, DIY blog addict (self-diagnosed). I hope you'll check out my blog and become a fan as I post new tutorials, tips, deals, etc in the new year. We are welcoming another little boy into our family in about 5 weeks (YIKES!), so we were looking for a unique way to store baby books and maximize space in the baby room. Our goal was to not purchase ANY new furniture for his room and to do his nursery on a tight budget! My husband and I put our heads together and came up with a fun, unique way to double the use of an old dresser! We think it turned out great and wanted to share with ya'll to incorporate into your own home! I'm calling this tutorial Dresser DressUP!  I've had a great antique dresser that just kept getting re-painted and shoved in closets year after year.  Not quite the attention it deserved!  So 1 dresser, 1 spice rack, and a handy husband and this project was a GO.

Available here at Target.com  
Here is the old beauty in the before stage (minus a couple drawers/knobs)

We decided to divide the spice rack so that we'd have 3 separate "shelves"
Next we had to paint the shelves and the dresser
And attach the knobs
I got clearance lettered knobs from HOBBY LOBBY for $1.49each.  His name is only 7 letters so we had to do 3 plain white knobs. His name is in the shape of an "L" on the dresser..my hub's great idea
And attach the shelves
And the finished project!
I'm so very excited to have a special place for Lincoln's books.  Let's face it, his brother has an entire library of books so I really didn't need a HUGE bookshelf in his room, just a space to place next to the rocker to store some good light reading for the little guy.
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  1. What a great idea! You and hubs are so creative! Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby boy! Wish we had a baby boy in the family! We've got all girls!

  2. Thanks, glad you liked the tutorial! Now the question is do we try for #3 to get a girl?!


  3. this is so super cute! Congrats on your new and up-coming family addition!

  4. This is really neat! Thanks for sharing

  5. way cute idea..............great thrifting!!!


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