9 Super Fun Party Garland Ideas

Well, if you read carefully, then you caught that my BABY girl will be turning 2 soon. (Clearly, my attempts at stopping her from growing have failed.)

This, of course, means another party. 

I'll confess, I'm really no party planner. I have decided on a theme (which I'll reveal to you on a later date), but I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit behind. 

Nevertheless, I have had time to research a few SUPER FUN party garland ideas. Here are a few that I'm deciding between . . .

1. Oh Happy Day  2. Sunshine and Carousels  3. Etsy  4. Unknown  5. Jessica Sprague.com
6. Design Sponge  7. Made  8. A Bit of Sunshine  9. Life as a Thrifter Pin It Now!


  1. you just gave me some great ideas! My daughter's 8th bday is coming up fast and she shares her birthday with her uncle and great aunt, so we're hosting a combined party this year! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Super cute ideas!! i ♥ them all!!

  3. Well I LOVE to party plan, so let me know if I can help in any way!! :)

  4. I love number 2 and 9. They are super cute ideas!

  5. I love your collection of ideas. My daughter and I are working on a garland for Valentine's Day. Hopefully we finish it tomorrow so we can enjoy it for Valentines! I shared your link on my Friday Favorites.

  6. I'm leaning toward the cupcake papers on the string of white lights. How flipping smart is that!


  7. I love the lights with the cupcake papers. So so cute!


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