Blog Post Trade-Off: Mommy is Coocoo

Hello! I am Amanda, and I blog at mommy is coocooo. My blog is all about fun! Whether you are laughing about the realities of marriage and motherhood or being inspired to make your everyday surroundings lovely, regardless of your budget. 

I couldn't be happier to do my first guest post at Life as a Thrifter!

My thrifty project involves two tables I purchased for $12.50 a piece when

I don't like sanding and I don't like using primer either. I like to see results quickly! Nevertheless, the top of Nanny's table had a sheen so I lightly sanded it before I painted. I didn't sand any other part of the table. Painted furniture is more likely to chip and scratch if it is not sanded and/or primed so I frequently go with the "roughed up" look. (Some may call it Shabby Chic or distressed but my mom once said to me, "If you want to buy something that has a lot of marks or scratches on it, bang on it with your hammer and sand it a little. That is called the roughed up look."

I've been a fan of the "roughed up" look for several years now.

I  used a stencil for the chandelier and damask images on the tops. Finally, after the paint dried I lightly sanded the table(s) to reveal the dark wood underneath. The roughed up approach is best because Nanny is in college and this table will see a lot of action be used a lot. 

Which coffee table do you like best?  The readers of mommy is coocoo were almost evenly divide. The chandelier table won out by one vote, which was perfect because Nanny (who had the ultimate vote) chose the Chandelier table.

Holly - Thank you for allowing me to share today. This coocoo Momma couldn't be more grateful! If you'd like to see other coocoo projects or learn more about the whole coocoo family, head on over to mommy is coocoo.


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  1. Hello Holly,
    Thanks for introducing us to Amanda. I love the creative makeover, she did on the old coffee tables. The chandelier table is my favorite. This seems like a super simple project to attempt myself at home. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Holly, Thank you so much! I am happy I could do my first guest post with you. Everything looks great.

  3. I am totally digging the red/turquoise combo lately. The chandelier is the perfect unexpected touch. The perfect amount of whimsy.

  4. I'll go with the chandelier too, I don't want to be a rebel!


  5. I just found your blog through your guest post on Bella Nest. Love it! New Follower,


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