Splatter Paint Wall Art

As you already know, around my house I use A LOT of plywood. It's super cheap, and even better, your home improvement store will cut it down to whatever size you want for free! One piece will easily make several projects.

I started by painting it white.

Next, I sketched my design and firmly applied painters tape on the spots I wanted to stay white. 

(Go back and press the edges down as hard as you can.)

Then, I got out a few of my favorite paint colors from my collection of craft paints...

...and started splattering!

After a couple hours, I took off the painters tape.
(Note: If bleeding should occur, use a damp paper towel to wipe/scrape off the paint. A Magic Eraser works well, too.)

I have the perfect place in mind for it...

(i party HERE.)
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  1. Turned out great, love the colors!

  2. so cute! i pinned it for when emmy is older- i think this would be so cute in her older girl room... i just did her room in feb, so it won't be any time soon! ;)

  3. I love the splatter paint! Plus the Magic Eraser tip is brilliant, that stuff is a miracle:)


  4. This is so cool! i love how bright and cheerful it is. This would be great for a teen's room.

  5. Cute project, Holly!! Thanks for sharing!
    xo Heidi

  6. Ah...my daughter is all over this!! Look great Holly! ;)

  7. This is so creative!! Super cool - thanks for sharing :)

  8. To keep paint from bleeding under the tape, paint over the edge of the tape with clear acrylic medium (matt finish) to seal the edges. Let dry for 20 minutes or so and then splatter/paint!

  9. Peace man! You bring back childhood memories.


  10. This is very cool ! I pinned it from Debbie Doo's pin party :)

  11. You've got one steady hand in applying that tape! This really knocks my mess making socks off!

    Pinning - and peace out!

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