Dollhouse Details: The Family Room

Let me just start by saying, you can so do this. 
Really. I told you before, the worst part was putting the house together...if you've spent anytime on Pinterest, then you already know the many other options you have out there...or, maybe you'll just be lucky enough to find one in the the thrift store!
So, let me break it down a bit...

...starting with the family room.
These were the bags of wooden furniture Fleming found for me months and months ago I'd been saving for this project. (And, that does read $3.00, by the way.)
Most of the house's furniture is from here.

I added a couple little pillows I made out of scrap fabric to the couch and chair and laid down one of those old granny squares from my unfinished afghan as a rug.

I used spray adhesive to adhere all the wallpaper.
In this room I used aqua scrapbook paper.
The silhouette you see was left over from Ross's 1st birthday party (almost two years ago) and the SC picture was simply traced then colored on scrapbook paper. I used Command strips to attach both.

The fireplace was also part of the wooden furniture pack that I simply painted white.
Hobby Lobby has a fair amount of accessories. I found the two little mirrors there for under 3 bucks.

I have to add, I found these at the flea market a few weeks ago...and was completely beside myself.
Daddy...Mama...Ross...and Gram.
You'd think it couldn't get anymore perfect...

...but then I ran across this pink bug at the thrift store not 1 week before Christmas...complete with babyseat.
(Can I also add, it was $.50?)

That's when I knew this dollhouse was truly meant to be.
Stay tuned for more...

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  1. This is the cutest dollhouse I've ever seen :)

  2. This is incredible! I love that it shows your style and how affordable it was. Nice work!

  3. Oh, so cute and that must be fun to decorate - thanks for sharing!

  4. I have those family dolls!! They came with a Fisher Price Dollhouse I had as a kid. So funny!! I even have an older boy.

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  6. Too Darn Cute! I still love a good doll house. Will you adopt me?


  7. I am in AWE of this!!! THE cutest thing I have seen in a long time! And the car - LOVE!!! :D

  8. So cute! I made my niece a dollhouse for her 2nd birthday and I wish I would have thought about spray adhesive! I used Mod Podge and no matter how hard I tried the paper wrinkled up! I can't believe you lucked out on the dollhouse furniture and people. I looked for months for furniture and finally used some of my old stuff and convinced my mom to pick up some new stuff ;) (Those fisher price people sell for 10-15 bucks a piece on ebay! yikes) Here is my finished product.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/richak/8204858993/in/photostream

    I also printed out frames with family photos to stick on the walls AND a TV with her favorite show.

  9. Love this! Awesome job lady!! I need you to come to my house (shouldn't be as hard as her dollhouse, right?) You are so very talented!!


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