Petit Collage with KIDS!

A couple weeks ago I shared a fun project on Design Dazzle as part of their "100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful" series. And, I just couldn't let Christmas pass without sharing it with you too!

Design Dazzle 200

Of course, you know my obsession with thrifted frames. There's so many possiblities...and even better, you can buy them for next to nothing! 

Using adhesive spray, I glued newspaper themed wrapping paper to the front of the frame. (Note: I found this particular wrapping paper in the dollar bins at Target just a couple months ago.)

Next, I hand drew a simple tree on cardstock and cut it out. (One extra...just in case.)

I gathered up a few old magazines and cut out various sizes of strips of green. (You may already know, my child is 2, but if you have an older one, I'm sure they could do this step!)

Lastly, Ross glued...and glued...and glued...

Once she finished, we glued the tree to the thrifted frame...

We're pretty excited about it. It made me realize how often I take this time for granted...and how I should be doing more of these kinds of projects! This time passes by so quickly...

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  1. That is such a cute idea! How fun to make that together, and it looks really good!

  2. What a sweet craft. I think my kids would enjoy this. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. This is so inspiring! I am just imagining all other kinds of projects you can do with this technique. Love the results and your photos are FAB! Pinning now!

  4. Hi Holly! This is so cute :) wish I could pin it... I'm getting an error that says "can't pin non HTML images" when I try using my tool bar pin it button. And the pin it button at the bottom of the post works, but shows a blank image and no pictures. :( Anyway, I love this collage.

  5. Hello again! I linked you in this post after seeing your collage idea :O) Come check it out and let me know what you think :O)
    Hope linking you is okay! Tweeked and instead made a Christmas card verses wall decor. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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