Blackout-Lined Curtains (for the Nursery)

This was my splurge.

I know, I know, you fabric people are all too familiar with the price of good fabric. It can get down right expensive...especially when you need 12 yards of it. 
But, whatever. I was thrifty in other areas of the room, so surely that justifies it?!?!?
(I found the fabric HERE, if you're interested.)

I won't bore you with a tutorial on how I made these. I simply followed Allison's tutorial from House of Hepworths. It was seriously easy, guys. If you can iron and sew a straight stitch, then you can do this. I promise.
(Note: Although Allison used a bed sheet, I opted to use actual black-out liner...$5.99 a yard at Hobby Lobby. I knew this would be worth it in the end...in a nursery...with daytime sleeping.)

This is how they turned out.

'Right proud, I must say.

And, that chair.
*sigh* I can't get enough of it.

It's hard to believe, I'll soon be in it...with a baby in my arms.

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  1. WOW gorgeous!!! And perfect w/ the chair!!

    Xo the rebel

  2. Those curtains were totally worth the splurge! They look so fantastic with the chair.

  3. I'm in love!! Not only with those curtains, but with that chair - (swooning over here)!! The color totally rocks.

    You have done an amazing job!

  4. HUGE change from the former guest room... looks great!

  5. I love the curtains with the chair. So yummy!

  6. Love that you didn't go with traditional nursery colors. This room is so inviting and won't be over stimulating for your bundle of joy.


  7. My favorite thing is frame with old flash cards...hope to copy for my new grandson's nursery!


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