Repurposed & Redone: Bliss Ranch

Welcome to the Repurposed & Redone Series!!
I am thrilled to be featuring some of the most talented REDO-ERS out there!
So sit back, relax and ENJOY!

While Sweet Holly is off swaddling her new little blue bundle, I'm helping out with a guest post here at Life as a Thrifter.  I blog at Bliss Ranch, and I've swaddled my own fair share of little bundles.  Six to be exact, and even produced a Holly of my own.

I contemplated what sort of post to write that included a baby project.  I mean come on, I had an antique dresser turned into a changing table 30 years ago - I feel like a pioneer.  And I'm just going to say .....I miss those days.  There is nothing as special in the whole world as welcoming a new baby into the family.   Unless it's welcoming a new bar into the family...
Dresser bar before
When Holly told me she has an all time favorite project of mine and requested a post on a dresser I transformed into a bar, much to my family's relief I wasn't going to be dusting off the changing table. Then I realized the irony.... who needs a portable bar more than parents of little kids right? Even if you don't drink, the temptation to have a vice while knee deep in diapers can be strong!

You can see all the before photos of this free-peeling-veneer dresser {here} and the after ones {here}.  It has a drawer that opens to hold liter size bottles of pop, glass storage, a spot for recipes and gadgets, a trough on top for ice, and glass globes with candles to set the outdoor mood in the evening.  Complete with graphics that might make you want to throw one down the hatch.

Photos of all sides of this libation station are on my blog... welllll all sides except for one.  Life As A Thrifter readers, you are about to go where no blog post has gone before.  I am going to reveal just for you the back side of this drink station.

Their logo in ads is a full mermaid, not just the tail
I painted an altered logo from a local beer.  Lakemaid beer from Schells Brewery in Minnesota.  As you can see mine says Lake Mary instead, which is the name of our local lake.
Inspiration logo

The lighter framed spot on the top part of the dresser below is the original furniture stamp.  I didn't want to paint over it so I framed it like a shipping label instead.

The patio bar can be used inside or out, and I can tell you it works equally as well with hot chocolate or coffee as it does ice teas, soda and adult beverages.  

I can also tell you, it doesn't wheel outside on the snow real well.....

We don't have a baby here, but it would be perfect weather at Bliss Ranch to be snuggled up with a newborn, so instead I invite you to stop in anytime and see what project I might be getting cozy with.

Best wishes to Holly and family on their little blue bundle Gram.

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  1. Oh this is still one of my all time favorite Bliss projects! Never get tired of seeing it!

  2. Thanks again for having me Holly. I am always tickled when I pop over to blogs I read and see my own guest post. I laugh at myself!


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  4. Her bar is fabulous!!! It turned out so incredibly well! Love it!

  5. love this...
    and love the altered logo.

    congrats on your new baby here at Life as a Thrifter. My first time to your blog...came to see what Bliss had posted. Now...I'm off to nose around here, a bit!


    ps: anonymous up above...SPAMMED YOU.

  6. The bar looks awesome, I'll have to run over to see the full posts. But I love the beer logo on the back! Feel better soon.
    Congratulations, Holly, on your new bundle of joy!
    Debbie :)

  7. Wow! so much awesome and unique finds :) thanks for sharing!


  8. So many fantastic touches. Congratulations, Holly! What a wonderful time for you. Enjoy!

  9. Fantastic project! I love this redo so much! You did such a wonderful job! Thank you so much for sharing here! Hugs, Leena


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