How To Make a Vintage Banner

Remember those old sheets I've been collecting? Well, I finally finished my first project with them this weekend. (Quick side note: I've seen these banners done several different ways...in other words, there might be a better way out there. This is simply how I did it.)

First, I made a pattern...by hand drawing my shape.

Then, I traced and cut out all my pieces.

Next, I measured how far down I'd need to fold the fabric in order to fit a piece of twine through it.

I folded it down to my pen mark and sewed it down- backstitching at both ends. (An expert sewer would have ironed each piece down, then sewed. But, you already know, I'm not an expert sewer...so I didn't do that.)

This is what it looked like after I sewed it from the back.

And, lastly, the best part... I simply fed a long piece of twine through each piece...

and hung it on the wall.

Still working...but I'm pretty excited about it thus far...

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  1. Love them! The colors in the sheets are so pretty!

  2. They looked really well with the blue wall and the dotted dresser!

  3. Could this be any cuter? I will be on the hunt for pretty old fabrics!


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