Thrifting: with Kids

If you're a mother (or a father) then you already know how agonizing shopping with children can be...

"Stay close to the stroller!"
"Don't touch!"
"No, we can't buy that."
"We don't scream inside!"
"You already have that."
"Maybe next time we'll bring a stroller for you..."

Luckily, it doesn't take much to make a sweet, gummy smile appear on one of my children's faces, so most of the time he's pretty good to go (well, at least for now, he is).

However, my other one can sometimes be a challenge. When we're in Target or Walmart or the grocery store, I rarely buy things on a whim for the kids. As much as I despised it at the time too, that's how I grew up, and I'm truly grateful for that. One day my kids will realize that too.
With that said, shopping at the thrift store is a bit different. It feels more relaxed and happy. I don't worry about her breaking things or ruining something, and I'm a bit more open to allowing her to pick out something (for obvious reasons).

It's never much...a trinket of some sort. A treasure, if you will. A little something fun in a place I'm happy to say "yes!" when I always say, "no."

Yeah, I'm pretty confident my little ones will soon learn to really appreciate a thrift store and feel just as giddy about shopping there as I do...

...but, of course, it doesn't hurt to have a mechanical carousel nearby either.

Happy hunting, everyone.

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  1. I'm the same way as far as allowing my daughter to "get" something at thrift stores but not so much at regular stores. It is usually a book where she knows to "check the pages" (look for scribbles or rips in the pages) then I'll say "ok, it's good"
    great post :)


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