The Scrap Fabric Ornament

Remember those easy photo ornaments I threw together a few years back?
Well, those inspired these...

Surely you have a stash of fabric scraps and ribbon pieces somewhere...and these globes can be found just about anywhere right now...

I started by cutting and tearing up strips of fabric and ribbon. Mine were about 5 inches long, but the length will depend on the size of your globes.

Next, I cut a piece of picture wire about double the length of the top of the globe.

Then, I draped the cut scraps over my finger, strategically placing them so that the colors were spread out.

After I had gotten all the scraps on, I slid the wire underneath them...

so that the scraps were hanging from it.

Finally, I started pushing each piece into the hole being careful not to let go of the wire.

Once all the scraps were in, I bent the wire down over the sides of the globe and placed the metal hook back on top of the ornament.
(Note: If you aren't completely satisfied with the placement of the scraps, use something long and narrow to move them around a bit while they are still inside the globe. I used a shish kabob scewer.)

To put it all together, I tied one last scrap around the hook.

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