Quick & Easy Thrift Store Candle Holders

Alright, already! I'm taking a break from the organizing and packing today! Geez.
And, today I'm thrilled to be participating yet again in our monthly Repurpose, Recycle & Reuse series! It's so exciting seeing all the great ideas these gals have! This has quickly become my favorite post of the month!

This month I'm sharing a SUPER EASY and CHEAP project made from these old thrift store candle holders I found...4 for $1.

Seriously. This took me not even half of nap time.
I taped them up...

and sprayed them down.

It could have possibly been the quickest project yet!

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  1. Projects during nap time = my favorite projects ever! I don't have those types of candle holders around, but I have lots of cheap flower vases. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very cute! Love a good simple project.

  3. I love how you glammed them up with some glitter spray! Super cool. Now back to packing! Ha!

    :) Linda

  4. I didn't even know glitter spray paint existed! These are awesome!


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