Welcome to Annie's: Dining Room

Well, we got some exciting news this weekend!
Our house came on the market...
and the people living in it accepted our offer!
I can't even begin to describe my excitement!
The bad news, however, is that we can't close until the end of May.
...which means, I GUESS we'll have to stay in Annie's fabulous house until then... ;)

Speaking of Annie's house, we last left off on the front porch, but open up and here's what you'll find... 

To die for, right?
But, just wait...there's more.

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  1. Few things:
    1. House!?!??! Yea!!! Can't wait to hear the details.
    2. Are those real dried hydrangeas? Such a good idea. I always want plants in places where there is no sun, but I hate fake plants.

  2. Yes! This is seriously one of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen. I want a complete tour!


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