A niche...really?

When we first looked at this house, we all kinda joked about these little niches that sat tucked on either side of the front door. "How weird," I thought. Why in the world would someone need such a thing? 

The people that lived here before us simply hung a single picture in each one. It was fine, but still looked a bit awkward and somewhat out of place...

For a while there I went back and forth with what I would do with the spaces, but once I recieved Fleming's little housewarming gift, I became pretty certain about at least one of them...

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  1. Thats so cute and an awesome pop of happy right by the front door!!!! Great use!!! Your new house looks FABULOUS by the way ;-)

    1. Thank you!! I really was a bit thrown off by those niches... ;)

  2. Oh wow... I thought I commented the other day... but maybe there was something wrong with it. How about adding shelves. You could add some cute storage baskets, etc. Have one shelf with a bown for keys. Maybe a basket on floor to coral toys or shoes.... etc...

  3. PS - Love the coat rack. PERFECT and useful for the front entry!!!

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