the fall mantel

I couldn't tell you why...but I've gotten on a major wheat kick this year. 
I'm loving it...like really loving it.
It screams fall, but yet it's so simple and natural.

 I couldn't go without using the fall banner I got from these girls several years ago...

and of course, you don't walk too far around this place without a chalkboard in view.

Putting it together really made it feel fall around here...even in a place I've never really "felt" fall before.
It's really quite fabulous.

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  1. LOVE it! That tiny ladder situation is completely adorable by the way.

    1. :) ha ha! Thanks! I've had it for years and pull it out here and there...fall seemed like the a great time!

  2. I've got some wheat going on too this year! It seems to be everywhere to buy this year...or maybe I just noticed!


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