The Ole Train Case Redo

Well, I've had a great run these past few years on the blog...doing a project right before it was due and it actually working the way I planned...but this time, not so much...

Hahaha! So with that, THIS is you RRR project this month...

If you've been here a time or two, then you already recognize this project.
Yep. I've done this before. And it turned out perfectly...
flawless, I might even suggest. 
(okay, maybe not that good...but, pretty darn good!)

However, this go around wasn't quite the same.
Here's what I was working with:

For starters, my paint couldn't match up. (Sorry, Valspar...but you don't quite make the cut for this particular project.) It scaped right off and even felt wet in several places even after several days of drying. I kept hoping it just had too much moisture and needed more drying time...but nothing changed.

So, here I am... resorting back to my original post...over a year ago.
Here's what I started with then...

And here it was finished.
Pretty easy, really. It was a matter of taping off and using RUSTOLEUM spray paint..."candy pink," to be exact. No scraps, scratches, rips or tears in over a year, I'm happy to admit.

And, it's clearly been a hit...with the prince and princess, that is...

Now, you've GOTTA check out the other cool projects this month...you know, the ones that we're big fat FAILS. ;)

Surely things will work out better next month...;)

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  1. so glad to see this...i have one i am needing to "paint" so this is so helpful! love it!

  2. Cute train case. I'm pretty new here...
    so I've never seen it. Lovely features...that card board looks interesting. heading over....

  3. I just lucked up and got one for $1.00. It's in perfect condition, but the mustard color yellow was not my favorite.. I was wondering if spray paint would work.. Glad you showed this.. I'm gamed to change it..

    1. How WONDERFUL!! What a steal!! Good luck!! I know it'll turn out fabulous...and hell, it was only $1!!

  4. I would have never even thought to paint something like this. Great idea!

  5. Thanks for this tutorial! I took your tips and did my own here: http://www.boldmarigold.com/2015/05/repurposed-diy-sewing-case.html

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  7. En lo personal me encantan use uno en los 90 siempre e querido otro odro este de verdad el color rosa diis mío está genial..saludos desde Jalisco


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