Remember those niches?

Well, when we last left the niches, I still had one unfinished. 
I had no intentions of styling them the same, so I wanted to wait it out and see what felt best there.

And well, you know I have a thing for hanging chairs...

Hahaha...well, to be exact, old chairs in general...

and it sure enough felt right.

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  1. I have a niche too. Never quite knew what to do with it so it has an umbrella stand. BUT.... it never occurred to me to put something on the way in there too.

  2. Totally love it!! I also totally love the candlesticks in the Ball jar!

  3. Great adding machine. Does it function and make that great 50's movie sound? I love old chairs too. It's an obsession I have to curb constantly. I never thought about the wall, great idea!

    1. I wish, but no...which is probably for the best since the kids go crazy on it constantly! ;) ...and thank you!


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