What I'm workin' with... (in the girls room)

So, it's been almost 4 whole months since we moved in the new house. After our offer was accepted on the house, I frantically took as many pics as I could to help me get an idea of what needed to be done.
This was Ross's room before it was offically ours...

Several things I really loved about the room...but, the paint was not one of them. So naturally, that was the first thing on my agenda...

And although I tried hard to avoid it, I knew Ross's first love was pink. So, for weeks I searched...hoping and praying I wouldn't choose something so overbearing, vomit in your face, pink. Because I've seen it. Too many times. And, it scared me...terribly.

I finally settled on this: Dogwood White by Sherwin Williams. (On the paint strip it's even lighter.)
It still scared me. But, I gave in and went with it.

Next was...how was I going to use it?

I fell upon this Apartment Therapy tour some time ago and fell. in. love.
(It's a precious tour. You should definitly check it out.)
The half wall idea made me change my tune totally! 
In fact, I started to even get excited about using the color pink!

From there...the juices started flowing...
Stay tuned.

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  1. I finally gave in to pink in Julia's room with this move and have tried to keep it manageable, toned down, whatever. I kind of love it, actually. Excited to see what you do!!!!! :)

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