Wire Baskets

Aren't they wonderful?  Put simply . . . I'm completely obsessed with them.  I'd like to put them everywhere.  Without a doubt, I'm always searching for them at the thrift store . . . and can't seem to get to them fast enough at the flea market.  

Everyone needs a wire basket.

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  1. Completely agree. If I see a wire basket, I have to buy it. Something about their lines and how you can see anything in it that just draws me to them.

  2. Love these! (But I always worry about them scratching the furniture.)

  3. I own one and love the way it looks as storage in the kitchen. Would love to get my hands on more...

  4. Love the look of the wire baskets. I don't think I own any though. I'm always trying to hide clutter with solid baskets or tubs. LOL


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