My List.

I've always been a list maker.
In fact, at this very moment, I could probably make a list of all the lists I've made around here.
It keeps my head clear and my mind in the right direction.  
So, I couldn't help but feel a bit giddy at the invitation to make a list of goals I have for my blog.

I've been blogging for several years now, but it wasn't until recently that I branched out and started focusing more on the "Home Projects" side of blogging. Mainly because, what once was a hobby for me, became a passion. Blogging just happened to be the icing on the cake.

As most bloggers might say, I truly enjoy blogging, regardless of how it grows. But, it's nice to take a second and reflect on what exactly I want for my blog . . . in the chance that it might.

1. Inspire Others.
First and foremost, I want to motivate readers. I want them to get out of Target and into a Goodwill. There's so many wonderful things yet to be found! You never know what kind of prize might be sitting on that dusty, dirty shelf . . .

2. Quality Posts.
I want my posts to be useful. I'd rather have 2 super great posts per week than 5 mediocre ones. 

3. Spread More Love.
There's too many great blogs out there not to. I hope to give readers great ideas, but also point them in the right direction of others that can do the same.

4. Cutting-Edge.
Things are changing all the time! With the speed at which technology is constantly being updated and changed around, it's way too easy to get left behind. I hope to spend a little more time researching new ideas and learning from the successes of others.

5. A Happy Home.
Ultimately, I want this to be a place that readers can come and feel good . . .

I hope maybe you'll take a minute and consider a few of your own blog goals. And once you have, join me and LINK UP this Friday with one of these fine party hosts:

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  1. A list of lists...... hmmmmm. Then a list of where I put the list of lists too.

    I'm looking forward to a year from now when we all revisit our blog list.


  2. Love your list. Great goals. And I so very much agree about trying Goodwill before Target ...

    ... that's a new concept to me, but one that I'm truly enjoying!



  3. Love this list! And your blog. :)


  4. Loving your blog...your style is great and inspiring.

    FYI... aCE Hardware is giving free quarts of paint this Saturday to promote their new line. I've posted the coupon on my blog.


  5. Perfect set of goals and so similar to what we'd like for our blog too. We'll have to put it together early next week to get in on the linky party!

  6. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. Guess I will have to follow you if you can help get me cutting edge!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have a blog review hop going on at my blog, if you'd like to join! You go and review 2 blogs anonymously and then 2 bloggers anonymously review your blog. It will give you some ideas as far as your blog layout and functionality, etc. Come on over!

  8. I love your header. Look forward to following your blog and projects!

  9. New follower here... I can so relate to being a list maker I don't know what I would do without them. Looking forward to following your blog.


  10. Perfectly said - you had me at Goodwill!

    Agree about focusing on quality over quantity posts and I also love sharing all the great bloggers out there and their incredible talents!

  11. I'm sure i'll bump into at a Goodwill sometime!! I'm sooo with you on that one! Wonderful goals!! I look forward to cruising through your blog!

  12. Hi Holly,

    So I got nosey and looked at your tutorials {wonderful} and took a tour of the house {orange-tones are my fav, well navy too cause they go so well together, but anyway, loved your house} and now I'm following through Google friends. I think blogs are perfect for inspiration and couldn't agree with you more to think about what and where {and why} we buy something ... shopping our own stuff for makeovers is good too! Found you through the blog hop for "growing up blogs" and I'm participating too.


  13. I love #5, your blog does make me smile. But I need help with #1, I'm pretty addicted to Target:)

  14. Holly,
    Those are GREAT!
    Ummmm, if I had to chose my favorite... I'd say #1.... #3.... #5....
    That's a hard one!
    Great list and great inspiration.
    Also, GREAT BLOG! First time stopping in, but I will continue. This place feel "homey"!
    <3 Joanne

  15. Great goals. I'm going to enjoy watching you fulfill your goals--I'm your newest follower.

  16. 1st ~ I am a Goodwill and thrift store junky. You are exactly right. There are so many treasures to be found...and sometimes they surpass what you might find at Target...at least after a little TLC, anyway.
    I like all five of your goals, actually. I am struggling with the quality as opposed to quantity one. I think it's very important. I need to focus on that myself. Thank you. Glad to have been here and I've gotta go see what you've been up to. New follower also!

  17. Holly, your point about quality over quantity is well made and something you have achieved beautifully. I love your thrifty ideas!
    I'm a thrift shop lover. I love unearthing treasures, it's just that my little apartment is getting a bit crowded!

  18. I'm your newest fan from the blog hop I love this blog and will be back when I have about two hours a few oreos and big cup of coffee :)

  19. these are great goals! i love them- i think being cutting edge is one of the hardest things! like you said- the world and its styles and opinions change faster than i change my underpants.

  20. Hi Holly, I love how you say to get out of Target and into Goodwill! I love Good Will, an the Salvation Army! I would much rather go to Habitat for Humanity than to Home Depot! Love your goals! Here are mine!


  21. I am TOTALLY a lister, list of lists, got one! I so love all of your goals, they are so genuine and heartfelt, it comes through in the writing. I struggle with how many posts to write...I'm not a fan of all of the "filler" posts I see around.

    I definitely find you to be an inspiration to me!

  22. Hi Holly from a fellow tribe member and list-maker. :) Love your goals -- yes to foregoing Target for Goodwill!! It's the green way to redecorate anyway and is so much more fulfilling. :)
    Following you now and so glad we've connected!
    Heidi @ Decor & More

  23. Thank you so much for linking to the party! You have a great "voice" when you write and and you make lists....two of my favorite things!
    Thanks for the inspiration and have a blessed day.


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