Super Sweet Cupcake Toppers

Well, you already know I'm in party planning mode. 
Streamers are done, so it's time I move on to the next order of business . . . cupcakes. 

I'm pretty excited about that decision. I'm happy to not have to worry about a cake to cut and serve. Cupcakes are so fast . . . and well, easy.

In my research, I ran across tons of crazy fun topper ideas. Here are few of my favs.

And, if you were still wondering about the theme,
I'll give you a little hint . . .

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  1. love it! obviously, we are big fans of the theme :)

  2. love the 'stache cupcake toppers! :-)

  3. So fun! And that ice cream cone looks delish. Even if it is 9:30am on a rainy/snowy day. :)


  4. Love the "theme". We are hosting an impromptu combined 32nd/1st birthday party Sunday, so I'm happy to find some topper inspiration here!

    btw- you have word verification on for comments. Email me if you need help getting rid of it.

  5. I'm a dork...I'm already a follower. After looking at your post I totally recall! You have such a beautiful, colorful home and I love it. But I don't think you are showing up on my GFC Reading list?

  6. I did an ice cream social type party for my daughter last fall. It was So fun! Love the topper with the fabric tie.


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