Blogging Without Borders: Step 2 - Utilizing the Pool Table

Okay. I last left you with this...a freshly painted room, ahem, a freshly painted playroom. 

(See Step 1 HERE.)

Now, if you remember, one of the challenges of this room is the pool table. Again, we're thrilled to have a pool table...and most definitely want to keep it, however, I feel like a few changes are necessary to make it work in this space.

Because it's staying in the room, I want to make the most of it. So, last week we bought (as in, my dear, sweet husband went way out of the way to pick up) a ping-pong table top.
This will serve 2 purposes...

1. a ping-pong table
2. a flat workspace

Now, to make it work in the room...
I bought a 9ft. by 12ft. plain dropcloth from Home Depot (abt. $30).
(This particular dropcloth was pretty dark...a kacki color. Thanks to Fleming's smarts, I bleached it in the tub for a couple hours...which made it much, much lighter...1 bottle of Clorox in 1/3 filled tub. However, if you have a container large enough to do it outside, I WOULD.)

I knew I wanted stripes, so I measured out 1 foot spaces with painter's tape. (Remember to put the tape on the insides of the space you're not painting...if that makes sense...)

Using a foam roller, I painted every other stripe black. (And, yes, I used regular indoor wall paint. It's a little stiff now, but I'm pretty sure it's going to work itself out.)

I envision it acting as the rug in the room...

And, I'll confess, I'm way excited about it.

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(Next progress report: Aug. 13.)

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  1. That looks so pretty!!! I love the stripes. Megan

  2. love ping pong and love the soon to be rug!

  3. How fun! I found that washing the drop cloth after you paint will help to soften it up.

  4. I love it and totally see how you are using it as the "rug". Drop cloths are one of my favorite things!


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  6. I have been so anxious to see what you were going to do with this, especially since I have a huge craft table in the middle of our playroom that stays cluttered with my projects. Brilliant idea to buy a ping pong table - there are always several of those on Craigslist. And the canvas turned out great! Can't wait for your next bwob post.

  7. As a billiard table owner myself I have to say your rug, I mean striped drop cloth table cover, is brilliant. I love the playfulness of your cover and those bold wide stripes help balance the proportions of a pool table, which can seem so hulking in size when not being played. Alas, we've decided to sell our table because it wasn't getting much use so it is in storage now. Enjoy the ping pong top!

  8. Looking good! That is going to be an AWESOME work space to have! :)

  9. It does function like a rug in the room! I have a rug with black and white stripes just like that, except that mine is on the floor:)


  10. WOW!!! Love the striped drop cloth idea, Holly! And I have to chuckle -- I take over our ping pong table for my projects all the time and get lots of grumbling from teenagers on summer break! It's the perfect work space. :)
    xo Heidi

  11. Wow, I'm way excited about it for you!! The perfect 'rug' for that space.

  12. We use the pool table for all sorts of stuff it should not be used for, and most days it's piled with clothes to be folded. My kids, not I have determined it's a great spot for that.


  13. That is one cool rug! And my girls would kill for a ping pong table - you're one cool mom!

  14. I love it! Stripes are on my mind, I've gotta have some!

  15. At our old house the pool table was set up in the formal living room and I wanted to make a cover for it and use it as a dining room table. At the Billards Factory they actually sold a wood cover to match the pool table that turned it into a dining room table and they sold the chairs/ bench seats. It was a small $10,000 but it was cool. I figured my Hubby could make the cover for a fraction of the cost but he wasn't impressed with the idea. Men.. now if it had been his idea it might have happened. LOL


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