Blogging Without Borders: A Crocheted Bunting

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with your ideas for the crocheted squares, and if you suggested the crocheted bunting, well then, you hit the nail on the head.

Ridiculously simple, really. Here's what I did...

Step 1:
Layed out my patttern.

Step 2:
Attached matching yarn by looping it under the bunting yarn and through a hole in the crocheted square.

Step 3:
Tie a knot and cut off any excess yarn. (Repeat this process on both sides of the square.)

(It might be hard to tell...but this is the beginnings of the nook.)

I'm ashamed to admit it, but today was supposed to be the last Blogging Without Borders post...the big reveal. However, I'm just not quite there yet. I have a few more things in store, and I'd rather it be complete. Soooo...with that said, stay tuned. The best is yet to come...

I am pleased to say, several of my blogging buddies did actually complete their task by today. So, go check them out!

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  1. this is so cute and original! i pinned it! :)

  2. How fun! Your playroom is going to be great when it's done - so many cute accessories. Can't wait to see it all come together.

  3. Nice, I have blanket made like this, so retro! follow you on bloglovin :)

  4. LOVE this bunting!! Such a happy accessory, Holly! Can't wait to see your room when it's ready!
    xo Heidi

  5. I forgive you for not having your reveal today. The bunting is cute and will pacify me till you finish.


  6. I'm just impressed by the crocheting at all, let alone the brilliant bunting idea! So fun, can't wait to see the final-final reveal:)


  7. We will be waiting but very impressed with the bunting idea!!

  8. Uh-oh. Not me... I'm fired. But wow, this is so unique! What a flipping cool idea :)))

  9. Was popping over to see your finished room but was happily surprised to see this fabulous bunting! Love it - you know I'll be searching for my own vintage crocheted blanket now!

  10. What a fun idea for that unfinished afghan. And now we need a follow up series 'finishing the rooms we started during blogging without borders'. LOL :)

  11. This is so cute. Love the colors of these granny squares!


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