Home Tour: The Kitchen

Now, mind you, our kitchen is pretty small.  It does, however, open up to the family room, which has always made it feel a bit larger to me. Be aware, that there's no large island or grandiose gas stove, but it's worked out pretty well for our little family of three.   

You'll notice next to the windows is a seating area. This was originally meant to be a breakfast nook, and in fact, was when we were shown the house for the first time. However, I've never seen the need for this.  I'm not formal, and I don't need a formal dining room. So, our house has one (very INformal) eating area . . . in the dining room.

(Wall color- Sherwin Williams: Marquis Orange)

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  1. it's lovely holly. bright and functional - perfect!
    love the eat sign on the stove.
    cheryl xox.

  2. So, so cute! I just love your home. How could you not be happy every day with all the colors you've chosen! LOVE IT :)

  3. Oh, My! I totally LOVE it! The colors are awesome..so..so..so BOLD! Now, that's what I'm talkin about!! (umm, I'm from The Bold Abode...)

  4. I love your kitchen! Your use of color is fantastic- I love bright, fun spaces!

  5. I love the shutter used for hanging things... did you make that yourself??

  6. Well . . . it was a thrift find . . . here's the link . . .

    And, thanks for all the sweet comments!! Y'all are really kind!

  7. house envy, love your style!

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I'm giving you The Versatile Blogger Award!! Keep up the great work!!

  9. Love your choice of colors! Even as a decorator I would not have the guts to use an orange tone.

    That is not a small kitchen. It's not mansion sized, but it's a good size. You want to talk small, think galley. lol

  10. I've not painted any rooms in our home orange (yet!) but I love orange. Its a sun-shiney color and its so friendly!

  11. I love your home! I think your friend hit on the head when she said "It makes you feel happy" I have just bought a new home and am in the process of painting EVERY room. So far I've been painting pale and neutral colors. Your house makes me wonder why? I'm seriously rethinking this pale gray I just painted in the kitchen because that orange is fabulous!! Love your blog!

  12. That orange is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the color! I'm thinking that I'm so-o-o-o tired of all the boring cream in my house, and my laundry room might need to be that orange.

  13. I love your bright and inviting kitchen! And I'll tell you what's really catching my attention - your eat-in area turned sitting area! We have a similar set up, but rarely use the eat-in space, honestly. The kids are always at the breakfast bar it seems, since our schedules are non-stop. I love the chairs you've set up, and could totally see doing something like that! Well done!

  14. Oh my goodness -- I LOVE all of your citrus colors! What happy rooms! Thanks for sharing some great inspiration!

  15. Love your kitchen!!!!! It's gorgeous!!

  16. love how open that is, the fun colors, and that plant! i'm on a floor houseplant kick right now!

  17. Just found you at Sarah's and am glad I did! Your colors are brilliant and I love the special touches-the shutter, the wing chairs-oh my-amazingly inspiring-newest follower-stop by!

  18. Hi. I'm visiting you from The Inspired Room and I love it...all of it. Feel of a tropical vacation and to think you can enjoy that every day. Thank you for allowing me to visit.

  19. Very inviting color pallet the orange and blue combination are lively. Reminds my of my best friend home as a child.

  20. I just stumbled upon your kitchen and I absolutely love it! Would you please e-mail me all three of your paint colors? My e-mail address is jodeeannleader@gmail.com. Thank you soo much!

  21. we just painted our kitchen Copper Harbor by Sherwin williams! it's orange too!

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  31. Do you remember the name of the green and white fabric used on the chairs?

  32. Do you remember the name of the green and white fabric used on the chairs?

  33. I love your kitchen colors! I did the same to my kitchen eight years ago: White cabinets, orange backsplash and walls on the cooking side of our kitchen (Sherwin Williams Yam), black countertops, and the Sherwin Williams Butternut that you have painted in your living areas on the walls in the dining area of our kitchen (on the other side of the kitchen island; we have a large family and a 10-seater table there). Light wood floors. It makes me want to be in the room. Since I spend most of my day in the kitchen cooking for and homeschooling six children, a warm and inviting space is essential. It does not feel dated, either. Now if only I had the daring to put an orange couch in the adjoining living room ... but my boys would probably ruin it anyway, :).

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