The Fall Porch

Well, I do apologize for being MIA this week...
but, if you're a mother...and you've ever been sick...well, then...you understand.

I will say, however, in between chasing children, wiping noses, and throwing together a couple Halloween costumes, I did finally manage to put the front porch together.
Weeellll...I SAY front porch. I guess I should actually call it a stoop.

Oh. And before we really get started, let me mention a little certain someone who couldn't keep his hands off during our small photography session...

You know me, I typically stick to natural. (I said typically.)
So, that's always easy in the fall, I feel like.

After I put out all the pumpkins...

I felt like the doors needed something.

So, I started unwinding jute (that I found at an old thrift store for a couple bucks) and hung it up.

After still feeling like it needed something...I added a few braids to pump it up a bit.

And, the leaves...hahaha. I mine as well work with 'em...because they seem to reappear every time I turn the other direction.

Of course, I haven't minded them too much...

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  1. I love the jute touch. Really unique and completely amazing! BTW…your front door is phenominal.

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