2010 Christmas Preparations: Part 4 (Last One!)

I told you I originally wanted to use felt as my theme . . . which I did, but I really wanted to do a felt garland for the tree. However, after shopping around I couldn't find any fun Christmas colors. Red, green and white was it . . . and no variation of that existed anywhere around here. (If you know of a place to get lots of fun felt colors, let me know!!)

So, with that out the window, I decided to use some wrapping paper I'd bought last year after Christmas.

Once I cut it up into little rectangles, I simply sewed it all together! WAY EASY!


I did bring out the felt for a few ornaments . . .

(Of course, it just wouldn't be complete without a few of these!)

. . . Put it all together and what do you get . . .

A really fun (and cheap) way to decorate a tree!

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  1. How clever! I love it! I can never find garland I like, but I might have to make me some wrapping paper garland for next year! Oh and where did you get your tree skirt? I can't find one big enough to fit around our stand-UGH!

  2. I got it at Target . . . after Christmas last year!

  3. I'll have to look after Christmas-your stand might be different than ours-ours is SO BIG and bulky!


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