Ruffled Pants

I have been dying to make a pair of ruffled pants, so when Mary Catherine sent me a pattern, I was beside myself! Mind you, if you've seen her stuff, it is nothing like she could do . . . however, I'm not ashamed to say, I'm thrilled with how they turned out!

My other half will be happy to know I went out and bought a whole bunch more fabric . . .
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  1. oooo! send the tutorial to me!!! or do you have to have the pattern? if so, i'll bring some poster board next thursday and copy your pattern... i have been wanting to learn this to!

  2. they turned out so cute! :) we really need to get some ladies together for a sewing day to work on spring clothes for all these girlies! :) I'm heading up to Mary Jo's in Gastonia on Friday for the sole purpose of stocking up on some fabric for spring/summer outfits. I know my other half is thrilled too ;)


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