The Flea Market

Ohhhh, my!

Yes. I experienced a little piece of heaven this weekend . . .

It's not so often that I come across so many wonderful things all in one spot . . . all in one day . . . and have a babysitter!

*sigh* What a marvelous day!

Fleming and I managed to fill her entire SUV with wonderful goodies. No worries. I'll be sure to post about them all . . .
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  1. ok, so I'm anxious to hear about all of the party details AND the flea market finds! :) I spy so many fun finds in the few photos you shared so I can't wait to see what all came home with you. Is the flea market local? *fingers crossed*

  2. I want to go there one of these days! FUN!

  3. was it the flea market in pineville?

  4. It is local! Well . . . pretty local. It was at the Metrolina Expo Center in Charlotte. They have two big ones every year in the spring and fall. I believe the next one is in November. It is just wonderful!

  5. I don't know how you are not completely overwhelmed by all that!!! I wish I had your eye. I would just be sitting there staring at everything and have no idea what to do with myself!

  6. Ahhh I used to go to Metrolina as a kid, as my grandma didn't live far from there! I seriously have so many memories of it! So much fun!

  7. Do you know of any other flea markets like this in NC/SC area? The only ones I can find sell junk like band-aids and magnets! HELP


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