A "New" Bench

I'll be honest, when I bought this at a yard sale a few weeks ago, I intended on using it as a new coffee table. I had hoped that it would give us a bit more "play" space on the floor for Ross . . . and while it did give us more space, I hated how it looked.

Instead, I guess I'll use it for it's original purpose . . . a bench.

(Evidently, I'm still trying to figure out what side the pillow should go on . . .)
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  1. i've always loved that pillow by the way... i think i'm going to have to steal the idea and make and L one :)

  2. I love you style and your blog!! I am soooo gonna copy your vintage book art thingy. I love it!! Thanks for all the great post,
    your newest follower!!!


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