A Style Post.

I decided to end the week with somewhat of a . . . "fashion" post, if you will.  
Let me just start by saying, I would never claim to be a "sewer."  Instead, I proudly call myself a thrifter.  These days Ross's wardrobe consists of . . . ummm . . . probably 50% Goodwill finds . . . and well, 50% hand-me-downs.  Both of which excite me to no end. 
This morning we busted out our very first pair of skinny jeans (from the Goodwill, of course).  I couldn't help it.  This extraordinary weather we've been having drove me to it.  And, I'm pleased to report, there were no complains from little, miss Ross.  Clearly, she wears them well.  :) 
Shirt: Goodwill- $1
Skinny jeans: Goodwill- $2

Happy hunting, everyone!
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  1. What a cute outfit! I LOVE jeans on babies. And I agree, thrift stores are the best place for kid's clothes. I have found such great things (and in near perfect condition) for our baby-on-the-way at thrift stores.

  2. Absolutely! And, in fact, Target stores donate a ton of things to Goodwill, so often times you can find clothes brand new! This is always exciting!
    P.S. Congratulations!

  3. I love skinny jeans on babies! I found the cutest pair at a thrift store and I can't wait for the temp to drop so she can wear them!

  4. Very stylish! We got so much from Goodwill for our little guy. The price of new baby clothes seems insane for something they may only wear a handful of times (although some things are too cute to resist).

  5. Oh my gosh- those skinny jeans are too cute! Great goodwill find :)


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