A Skillet Sensation!

Okay.  I know this isn't much of a "thrifty" post, but I had to tell someone . . .
I have fallen in love with my cast iron skillet. So much so, that I even gave one to a friend at a wedding shower this week.

I will say, I do enjoy cooking especially with a large glass of wine and the music blaring, but it's only been since last Christmas that I really started using a cast iron skillet.  You may have seen in the last Southern Living a little recipe called "Easy Skillet Apple Pie". . .
I wish I could describe how TO DIE FOR it was. Instead, I'll just reassure you, IT WAS TO DIE FOR.  

So, because I can't get that skillet out of my mind, here are a few links to recipes that might inspire YOU to pick up a cast iron skillet this week.

(Seriously, y'all, TO DIE FOR.)
(This recipe includes skillet care directions, too!)

Hmmm . . . now where did I put that wine glass?
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  1. I've been browsing thru your blog {love} and had to comment here. I've had a cast-iron skillet for 6 months or so and love it. A new skillet with a few recipes tied to it would make a wonderful gift! I'm thinking bridal shower, house warming...


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