The Blog Post Trade-Off: nefotlak

I'm thrilled Cheryl from nefotlak stopped by to share an AWESOME redo!  She's got a bit of a thrifty style that, of course, I love!

greetings from australia!
i'm cheryl from nefotlak. (pronounced neff-ott-lark) - and so excited to be asked by holly to guest post here today. my blog is a mish mash of everything (craft, family, food, life) - but mostly about trying to make our house a home on a limited budget.

today i will share my post on the upcycled cabinet door - which was turned into a wall mirror.....

it used to look like this.....

no progress photos of the following process (bad blogger i know...) - but here's my method -

- after wiping down (no sanding - i'm too lazy!!) - i painted on 2 coats of zinsser bulls eye 1-2-3 (undercoat/primer-sealer/stain killer) - love this stuff - and 2 coats of dulux aquanamel semi gloss fair bianca half strength. (both were bought from bunnings - hardware store in australia)

- i then sanded it back heavily in spots with our nifty hand sander - and painted on/wiped off a little glaze i made with jo sonja's clear glaze medium & semco acrylic paint in burnt umber. (both bought from spotlight)

- we left all the hardware on the door - 'cuz it reminds us of it's former use - and it looks kinda funky!!!

- we then measured up and got a mirror cut to size from a local glass merchant (after getting about 5 quotes from various places) - then attached the mirror in with heavy duty double sided tape. (mirror cost $50 - which was a bit of a bugger - but it fits perfectly & is covered in a special film on the back which means it won't shatter in a million sharp bits if something bad were to happen)

- on the back of the frame - we added some heavy duty sawtooth frame hangers (see here for what they look like - these aren't the exact brand we used - but ask for sawtooth frame hangers at bunnings and they'll lead you to them!) - and using a spirit level - hung the whole thing up on some hooks.

here's lots of pics.....

here's a before and after pic for one last reminder......

many other projects from this room make-over are posted about here - feel free to pop on over if you get the chance.

thanks a again holly for this blog-swap opportunity.

hope you all have a great week.

cheryl xox.
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  1. Love your project! A thrifty treasure!

  2. Loving this and everything else I've found on your blog! Those pops of blue are outstanding! Definitely a new follower!


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