A Family-Friendly Home

Recently, I got a few comments asking how I was able to keep a "family-friendly" home. I'm not so sure I'm the best one to answer this question, but I'll certainly try my best. 

Although children are quite possibly the most wonderful things in the entire world, it is from my experience that they will inevitably cause 2 problems in a household . . .

1. requirement for all valuables to disappear
2. an over abundance of toys

Now. I will first admit, I can be a bit of a neat freak. I don't collect a lot of knick-knacks or picture frames, and I get panicked over the first inkling of clutter. Therefore, I was lucky in the standpoint of not having to get rid of a lot of things when Ross arrived. 

Secondly, I will also confess Ross has been remarkably good about not getting into the things she shouldn't (i.e. plants or breakable things).  

It has been my goal from the get-go to maintain a descent looking home regardless of how many children live in it. In most cases, I choose to buy things I know won't get damaged or were bought at the thrift store in which it probably only cost a few dollars anyway.

Undoubtedly, addressing the over abundance of toys has been the most difficult issue . . . especially in our little house. I've tried my very best to conceal as many toys as I can.  Like in a cabinet . . .
. . . or in a basket.

I've tried to place toys in several places throughout the house that might spark her interest as opposed to . . . the plant.

Despite everything, cleaning and keeping things tidy will always be a challenge. Teaching an 18 month old how to clean up can be exhausting. Surely, we'll get there . . . one of these days.

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  1. Oh cute!!!! This is definitely a huge problem for me. And one thing that I haven't done was look for kid-friendly storage that would work in my decor rather than an obvious Dr. Seuss colored toy box, etc.! Our "coffee table" of sorts is an ottomon with a lid. Perhaps I should start using it as toy storage! {smacks head} By no means do I want to take Brayden's toys away, but it really drives me nuts that the only thing I see of color and "decoration" 90% of the time are his large amounts of toys.

    I would love to know what you do with the bigger ones --- for instance, B has THREE ride on toys and a shopping cart. Maybe 3 is too many and we should downsize. But I am still tripping over the bigger items because he rides them around and leaves them in doorways, etc. With another one on the way, I've got to find a solution for the madness! Thank you for touching on this subject! I've got some definite ideas now!

  2. Well, if you have storage space, I might even rotate his toys. This has certainly helped in our house . . . not to mention Ross thinks she's getting a new toy every other week!

  3. This is again, super inspiring to me! We've been talking babies and hopefully one will come soon- and I'm the same as you I get a little anxious and overwhelmed when there's some clutter like toys...
    Thanks for sharing,


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