An Advent Calendar

I have always loved an advent calendar. I grew up with one that looks almost identical to this one . . .

My parents have always gone all out for Christmas, and that advent tree brought some of the most wonderful memories for me.  As a child, I couldn't wait to get down the stairs and put another ornament on that tree! It certainly wasn't Christmas without it . . . which is why I knew there'd need to be one for our kids.

I've spend several weeks now racking my brain for ideas, and I believe I've gotten a good start with these . . .
And, my personal "adult" favorite . . .
(How, in the world, did I not think of that one!)

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  1. I love the one with the socks! What a cute idea. I did not grow up with an Advent Calendar but have seen some really cute ones and am starting to think my son should grow up with one!?

  2. I never had one growing up. But I deifantly want to make one for my boys this year. I too love the one with the socks, so cute!


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