Flea Market Finds

Well, there's no doubt I could have bought truck loads more! Nevertheless, I came home with some really fun finds. Some of these I knew exactly what to do with . . . and some I just couldn't leave without.

AND, to top it off, Fleming and I found 2 new thrift stores on the way home that day! You'll have to stay tuned for those . . .

Happy hunting, everyone! :)
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  1. Love it all! Awesome finds :)

  2. Oh how cool! Love it! I've got to find a flea market around here!!!

  3. I grew up in Kentucky home of amazing flea markets. But my husband has kid napped me here to Ohio. This is the land of not so good flea markets... I'm seething with jealousy.

  4. I can not wait to see what you do with those fabulous finds. Gosgeous!

  5. Amazing find!!!! LOVE the Coca-Cola crate....I'm jealous now!!!!

  6. Oh, the aqua lantern makes me swoon! I have never found a flea market like you are describing. The flea markets I've seen are all full of shady characters selling things that are likely stolen or are too used up to even buy. How I'd love to find even one treasure like the ones you found!


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