Favorite Stockings

I've been on a mission to make a set of stockings for the three of us this year.  They're almost done, but until then, here are few stocking ideas I've been loving recently . . .

These sweet, sweet silhouette stockings are to die for!

I was super close to attempting to make these . . . but another idea came along . . .

I love the idea of using wool.  It just screams warm and cozy.

These are quite possibly my most favorite of all time.  They literally take my breath away.
Let's hope I can get it together and finish up ours over the weekend!
Happy hunting, everyone!

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  1. They are all nice choices. Being a fiber person I prefer wool or needlepoint or the last ones that are SO textured. TFS!

  2. thanks so much for featuring my stockings! have a lovely day!!
    xo~ Michelle


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