Guest Post: Eclectically Vintage

I'm most excited to share with you today Kelly from Eclectically Vintage! She's so talented in so many ways!!

Hi, I'm Kelly from Eclectically Vintage, and today I'd love to share my fabulous family memo center.

Here's the story...of a lovely lady and an unlikely memo board combined with a curbside castoff to create the perfect landing spot by my back door for notes, keys, shades...and other random things!

At an estate sale a few months ago, I spotted an old crib in the dark recesses of the attic (picture me doing the happy dance)! I politely declined the possibly bedbug ridden mattress though – getting itchy just thinking about it. 

Right away I knew it would be the perfect memo board - one day.

But since it was almost Christmas when I found it, the crib spring made it's first appearance on my Christmas mantel.

Christmas came and went, and the crib spring came down (much to the hubs delight)!
But alas, he didn’t have time to rejoice for long because before he knew what hit him, he was hanging that spring on the kitchen wall where it’s our new memo board.

The blue metal table under the spring is a curbside castoff I rescued from the side of the road.
I still laugh out loud when I think of getting caught in the act by the hubs.
Can you believe that at the same moment I was wrestling the table into my car (far from my house, I might add), he drove by shouting, “Just Leave It There”!
He scared the bejeebers out of me but it didn’t deter me from my mission.

The table (did I mention it was FREE!) was topless (how embarrassing!) so I had grand plans of getting a piece of marble cut for the top.

Months went by and she still had no top – until fate intervened. While cleaning out my basement (which resembled a scene from Hoarders), I spotted some leftover tile used in our house reno. Three marble tiles fit perfectly! Entire table = FREE!

The perfect fit around the light switches!

Old clothes pins are perfect for hanging all those A+ (hopefully) papers!

Keep your eyes peeled at yard sales and thrift shops (and by the side of the road) for hidden gems.
Hold your head high while you’re diving into that dumpster and you’ll probably find some pretty cool things too! And don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops – I found it in the trash!

Hope you'll come visit me at Eclectically Vintage, so I can share more of my dumpster diving and vintage loving adventures with you!

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  1. i just love that piece- so versatile and colorful!

  2. ha ha. still laughing about the table being "topless". :) awesome, Kelly.

  3. What great finds! Thanks for sharing!!
    As it happens, my husband LOVES stuff on the side of the road, LOL! We've certainly gotten some treasures (and some trash) that way :)


  4. loved the part where your hubs spots you too funny

  5. Wow...I would never have thought of that! I've got only one true dumpster treasure, but pieces like this inspire me to look through a different lens. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for letting me air my dirty crib spring here Holly!

  7. I love this project, but I think I love those wooden clothespins even more :)

    :) karianne

    PS I can't believe you left the mattress behind :)

  8. I love how your hubby gets no relief from the mattress spring ;) hehe

    It was great on the mantle but I extra like it as a command center ;)
    Can't believe I missed the vintage clothespins the first time?
    Those are the icing on the cake =)

  9. Brilliant command center! The whole vignette is the bees knees. :) Just seemed appropriate to use an old-fashioned expression here.
    Happy THursday, ladies!
    xo Heidi

  10. Love this project! Love Kelly! Who knew right! The perfect memo center and sooooo much more! : ) FABULOUS!!!! hugs...

  11. I'm raising my hand high this week as a recent curbside freebie convert after the transformation of my first item. Can't wait to see something else, like maybe a bed spring so I can have my own memo board and then my husband can laugh at me too.


  12. I look everywhere for one of these, haven't found one yet! I love Kelly's message center!

  13. Hahaha, so funny about Kelly's husband catching her in the act...my husband would have yelled the same thing! Such a fun, eclectic area for her house. Thanks for sharing it Holly!

  14. Oh how I feel for Kelly's husband! But look at how she turns these crazy finds into crazy inventive and amazing decor for her home ....



  15. Funny, at my house, it's my husband picking stuff from the neighbor's trash, and me yelling to put it back! However, I must admit some of my favorite pieces were plucked from their impending doom out at the curb. Nice work, Kelly! :)

  16. This is awesome! And crib size is so much more manageable! Works just great as a memo board! Love your style! Excited to follow!!


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