Reusing Old Screen Doors

Old screen doors are becoming harder and harder to find these days.
It's pretty easy to see why...

Jillibean Soup used their screen door to show off a few of their fabulous card designs, but I can certainly imagine this as a great way to display photos too!

I love how Alison from The Modern Cottage Company uses her screen door to display her kid's artwork!

Or, how Rachel of Nest Full of Eggs uses hers as a bulletin board in her very organized craft room!

And, how Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst simply stitched the word "Hello" on her screen door. Pretty fabulous.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! So cleaver!

  2. Great inspiration! I don't think I would've given an old screen door a second look!

  3. How fun! I plan to makeover two shutters this weekend. Any tips?

  4. Not a single idea I don't love here...but I'm gonna say the art display is how I would use it as well...let the hunt begin.

  5. A Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a great place to find old screen doors...look for one in your local area!

    Cheers -

  6. Love all the ideas - but that "hello" stitched on the screen is genius!

  7. I will have to add one of these hard to find beauties to my list!! Love all these ideas!

  8. Such great ideas! I love the cork board and using it for a message!

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