A Treat for my Sweet.

I was lucky enough to have grown up in a household where things were never just given to me. (I can, of course, admit that now...now that I'm out of my parent's house.)   
I got my first summer job at the age of 14 and was babysitting even before that, and it was that money that I saved and spent throughout most of the year. 

I guess that might be one reason why thrifting has become so important to me. With what little money I saved, I rarely went out and bought expensive things back then...and even today, the thought of forking out big bucks on something (that will inevitably be changed down the road), kind of...well, makes my stomach churn.

My husband, however aspires something much different.
Thoughts of sailing around the world on some grandiose yacht...is only the half of it.

His dreamy ambitions always make me smile.

But, I have to say, with such an extraordinary husband, our most precious, little girl and now our $2 thrift vacuum...
I feel like I'm already enjoying "the good life."

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  1. Own... she is so sweet!

    Well, he is learning with the awesome saver wife that he has home. =)

    I love your blog <3

  2. So cute! It's good that you balance each other out!

  3. I would love to see a post about the play kitchen!

    1. Well, it just so happens there IS one! :)


  4. That is a GREAT play kitchen!! Love the turquoise!

  5. I feel like an evil granny........ I gave my grandson the real vacuum! He loves it and I can't wait till he can reach the sink!


  6. That IS the good life! My kids' toys are probably 90% yard sale/thrift, and 10% gigantic annoying noisemakers gifted from grandparents. :)

  7. as always....amazingness. Check out my blog...I just gave you a little shout out. Basically just ranting on how amazing you are. haha.

  8. looks like you're going to have to show her how to use the real one soon. ;)

  9. Great photos. I'm a little like you but went a little crazy over the last few years, buying things when I thought I could afford them then realizing that was stupid. As I'm slowly turning into my parents (not a bad thing at all), I'm trying to not buy my daughter every little thing she wants. But when you come across a cheap buy, such as a $2 vacuum, it's hard not to. I love thrifting! Knowing that I paid 10% (or so) of the original price for a toy, that's still the same as on the store shelves, is great.

  10. Your baby would love that vacuum no matter what it cost...so all the more reason for it to be cheap. :)

    I also attribute my thrifty tendencies to the way I was raised. I always hated going to yard sales with my mom, but now I invite her to come with me! The other thing that has changed is that I no longer want to buy annoying toys and chewed up stuffed animals at said yard sales. I never got them which is probably why I hated going. :P


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